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Welcome to 51 My Career Tracker website.

As you can see, we are currently under construction.

Please checkout below what we will be implementing with this website.

51 My Career Tracker will be unique in that it offers the following

  • It will allow the end user to track their career from cradle to grave.
  • You can upload all your licenses, passports, TWIC cards or other important items that you would like to keep on this site.
  • Track and enter in all companies that you have worked for, start dates, end dates, salaries, pay adjustments, bonuses, etc.

Wouldn’t it be cool to track this for your entire career?

51 My Career Tracker allows just that and permits you to do more

  • Track all resumes variations that you might want to submit for specific job opportunities, along with bio’s, etc.
  • Track all your CEU’s, CTD’s, or other training certificates and keep track of these throughout your career.
  • Keep current and past records of all references. We have an online system that will poll your references annually and seek feedback. Additionally, you can send these same reference updates to potential employers.
  • These possibilities and more will be made available at a remarkably great price.

Please check back with us in AUGUST 2024.

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